Halloween 2017 europe

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Halloween 2017 europe

その旅にてMr. Degennhartdtが撮った写真の中にハロウィーン的な写真がたくさんありました。

1 I found this scary bust of a renaissance man at a small museum near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.  I added the orange background to give it more of a Halloween feeling.

170803 Jacquemart 71small.jpg

2 The scenery along the Somme River in the small city of Amiens is so romantic in the twilight hour. We walked along the river before stopping at one of the little bistros there. Amiens is a two-hour drive north of Paris. There is a chocolatier there that makes very special macarons. It's owned by President Macron's wife's family. We drove all the way there to buy those macarons as omiyage for our students and friends. 

170808 Amiens 042Small.jpg

3 This evil looking lion head is at the base of a statute in Amiens' Notre Dame Cathedral.  He looks like a scary version of our dog Louis-Pepe.

170809 Amiens106small.jpg

4 This is another scary statue at Notre Dame Amiens. There is a story in the old Bible about a Babylonian general who attacked the Jewish homeland. A widow named Judith saved her people by killing the enemy general. She got him drunk and then cut off his head.

170809 Amiens119.Small.jpg